Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Never Forget the Objective

I sincerely believe that a common European Union (EU) military is being proposed not to create a military more capable of standing up to Russia but to overwhelm national resistance to a new European empire based in Brussels.

The Euro-elites are pretending to be upset that another aspiring empire is expanding its realm and power:

For EU President Jean-Claude Juncker, the answer is straightforward; it is all about standing up to Russia.

Speaking to German newspaper Welt am Sonntag last year he said that a common European army would make it plain to Moscow, where he felt the EU was not being taken “entirely seriously”, that the Union was fully committed to defending its values. According to Juncker, a unified military force would be able to act as an effective counterbalance to Russian expansionism – or at least that is the pitch he has been using since the annexation of Crimea to try to sell the project.

However, Juncker’s federalist ambitions for a ‘United States of Europe’ are no secret, and some have suggested that this is simply one more example of his opportunistic leveraging of a crisis to further a Eurocratic centralist agenda. Euroscepticism aside, there may be a kernel of truth in the suggestion, since Juncker himself has said that “such an army would help us design a common foreign and security policy” – and the Treaty of Lisbon already contains the fundamental framework to make that possible.

Come on, the common currency the Euro wasn't based on its value as a currency but as a means to overwhelm national resistance to a new European empire based in Brussels.

When the bulk of military power that can defend Europe is the American military that is not part of such a plan, why would anyone think the Eurocrats are really interested in building a military capable of standing up to Russia?

Europeans are less than enthusiastic about spending more on their own national militaries. Does anyone really believe that Europeans would be eager to spend more on a military that isn't even their own? With their money spent where Brussels wants it spent rather than their own governments' desires?

Of course, if Juncker gets that common foreign and security policy run by Brussels, national resistance to the EU's objectives would be moot. Pay up and shut up, thank you very much.

Really, if the Europeans want better capacity to resist Russia and are willing to abandon their national militaries to do it, the European militaries would be better off linking up with America's military.

It just depends on what an EU military is supposed to fight: Russians and other potential enemies or European nations themselves?

I know how I'm betting.