Thursday, August 04, 2016

How Convenient

Data is increasingly unnecessary because we now have Mann-made global warming:

“Fundamentally, I’m a climate scientist and have spent much of my career with my head buried in climate-model output and observational climate data trying to tease out the signal of human-caused climate change,” Mr. Mann told the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee at a hearing.

“What is disconcerting to me and so many of my colleagues is that these tools that we’ve spent years developing increasingly are unnecessary because we can see climate change, the impacts of climate change, now, playing out in real time, on our television screens, in the 24-hour news cycle,” he said.

Well, Mann-declared global warming, anyway. Ah, Science!

Does Mann's claim mean Congress can safely cancel all funding for global warming research?

This is why I don't need data to conclude that Michael Mann is a clown. It's playing out in real time before us.

Of course, different data might lead to different things playing out in real time.

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