Monday, August 08, 2016

Clean, Cheap, and Top Secret Nuclear Energy!

Hillary Clinton should be grateful she wasn't the foreign minister of Iran, given how Iran punishes those who reveal their top secrets to enemies.

The Iran deal is portrayed by our White House and their fanboys (and girls) as a great victory for the West in making sure Iran won't get nuclear weapons.

So how is this possible?

Iran has executed a nuclear scientist convicted of handing over "confidential and vital" information to the United States, a judicial spokesman said on Sunday.

"Shahram Amiri was hanged for revealing the country's top secrets to the enemy," Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejeie told reporters in Tehran.

If Iran is and always has been involved in only peaceful nuclear energy research, how can anything he has done been confidential and vital information considering that nuclear energy technology isn't exactly new technology?

And how can America be considered an "enemy" after the nuclear deal that has put Iran on the secure path to being a responsible regional power and partner of America?

But the Iranians hanged the man by the neck until he was dead. That's quite a head scratcher, isn't it? Isn't death really only important if the man gave nuclear weapons secrets to an actual enemy?

And the big-brained nuanced gang in the White House--and their fanboys (and girls)--have assured us that Iran has no nuclear weapons ambitions and that Iran will be our friend by the time Iran might get them.

I mentioned his disappearance back in the day. Whatever he told us didn't matter since as I've long said, the basis of a nuclear deal with Iran has long been clear: Iran will pretend they don't want nuclear weapons; and we will pretend to believe them.

Face it, Iran wants nukes. And Iran hoodwinked the West and is cheating on what they didn't win in the document in order to get nuclear weapons.

Heck, with the money freed up by the nuclear deal, Iran might not even need their own nuclear program to get their first nukes.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton's private email system that bypassed government security equipment and procedures mentioned the executed scientist. I wonder who else read that conversation?

This summary from U.S. News & World Report has additional details and speculates that the Iranian government threatened his family. Amiri did return to Iran to be welcomed as a hero. Then, in May 2011, the regime arrested him and accused him of treason. Amiri, according to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary government, had spied for The Great Satan (the U.S.).

Amiri’s execution intersects with the 2016 U.S. political elections. As the linked article notes, two emails transmitted in 2010 through Hillary Clinton’s off-the-books and unauthorized server appear to refer to Amiri. Clinton senior adviser Jake Sullivan was involved in both emails: one he forwarded on July 5, 2010 (10 days before Amiri returned to Iran) and another (one he sent) dated July 12. The July 5 email said, “Our friend must be given a way out.”

Ah well. What difference does it make, now, anyway?