Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Black Cannon Fodder Matters

As is usually the case with violence-prone protest movements, communists and other assorted whackjobs who infiltrate the BLM movement are more interested in using Black lives as a weapon for their own goals than in actually making sure those lives matter to the government.

I would hope that people of all races with good motives can at least reject the communists who would exploit racial divisions rather than bridge them.

Because we do seem to do better without radical agitators looking to exploit events for their own purposes.

UPDATE: Related:

As a longtime observer of, and one time participant in, left-wing protests, the unrest in Ferguson seemed to me to have all the markings of generalized left-wing agitation opportunistically grafting on to the understandable protest over an unfortunate event.

Yeah, for the hard core revolutionaries exploiting shootings, Black lives matter as props for their own objectives.

If you start with the assumptions that communists are ignorant and evil, you won't go wrong.