Friday, January 02, 2015

What If They Held a War and Everybody Showed Up?

If Western governments won't resist the jihad that a minority of Moslems wage, a minority of Westerners will still fight the jihad.

Westerners can easily make it to the Middle East to fight ISIL:

In a rare, exclusive interview with Fox News, a U.S. military veteran with multiple tours in Iraq detailed his journey to Syria to fight against ISIS, on the condition his identity was protected.

The veteran, who asked to be identified as “John,” described a surprisingly simple process that took him from America to the dangerous Syrian civil war – and not as part of the U.S. military.

Already, Moslems living in the West feel more free to fight for the jihadis. Now Westerners are stepping up for the other side, too?

I've long written that the fight against Islamists might be privatized if our government doesn't fight the enemy.

I don't believe anybody should be happy about that trend and where it might lead, but the fight against Islamist terrorists won't end just because Western governments--responsibly or otherwise--end government's role in that fight.

UPDATE: With all the (accurate) talk of non-state actors with their own foreign policies proliferating, jihadis aren't the only ones who can play this game:

The U.S. charged two Americans with attempting to overthrow Gambia’s government in a failed coup last week, including a Texas property developer who allegedly planned to install himself as the country’s leader.

We could see more of this type of private warfare (and only 99 cents!).