Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ratifying the Iraq War

If overthrowing the beastly regime of Saddam, ending the oppression of Shias in particular, ending his WMD ambitions, ending Iraq's threat to Gulf states, ending his threats to the Kurds, ending his support for terrorism, and turning Iraq into a state that fights terrorists (ISIL, now) rather than one that supports terrorists was such a monumental mistake, why is President Obama actually fighting in Iraq on the side of the Iraqi government?

It's almost as if the post-Saddam Iraqi government is worthy of our (and more importantly, President Obama's) support and that Iraq's survival is in our national interest.

The only thing I'm really sure of is that this time it isn't a war for oil. Our president won't allow a pipeline from Canada for oil. Why would he wage a war for the stuff?

So to all you Prius owners out there, scrape off those old "Already Against the Next War" bumper stickers! For now, this is a good war.