Saturday, January 03, 2015

Measuring Incompetence

If you want a simple measure of how inept at governing--but not campaigning--our president is, consider that he came into office with the intent of raising energy prices in order to spur alternative energy sources.

And then note that despite 6 years of trying to demonize fossil fuels and get in the way of producing or using them, gas prices have recently dipped to below $2.00 per gallon.

For added laughs, his supporters who once lauded the president for his so-called visionary stand on energy now boast of the low gasoline prices that he obviously had nothing to do with achieving.

Face it, the man can eff up a wet green dream.

UPDATE: Related. It shames me to say that it did not occur to me.  As supporters of the president's activist vision of spending investing to revive the economy celebrate some good economic news at the year's end as proof of the president's brilliance, are we to forget that the president and his supporters spent the last 4 years complaining that Republicans prevented government from doing anything to help the economy?

If the government was prevented from doing anything to help, how can the president be credited with improving economic statistics?