Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let the "Why Do They Hate" Questions Begin

As I said, the "why do they hate us?" questioning in Belgium in the wake of the police raid on jihadis is proving to be difficult to answer.

It's only difficult because Belgians assumed that doing absolutely nothing to fight jihadis and being mostly known for not liking America (and expressing interest in hauling certain Americans before the International Criminal Court) would make them immune from jihadi anger.

But jihadi anger is a problem for Belgium despite the sterling record of opposing America and refusal to help us:

In a document released in October, a new Belgian government warned against the “danger of violent jihadism that threatens to spread in our society,” reporting that 350 Belgians had gone to Syria and that more than 70 of them had returned home.

How can this be?

It's almost like the jihadis hate the West--all of us--for who we are and not what we allegedly do to "make them" hate us.

The Belgians may have thought they'd at least be last on the list of targets. They were wrong on this judgment, too.