Saturday, January 24, 2015


Estonia has a digital reputation as e-Stonia. With Iran on the path to being a nuclear weapons state and France perhaps showing a trend to European Jews fleeing to Israel, is it wise for Israel to concentrate more Jews so close to Iran?

I'm just saying that Israel might want a digital Ark to allow dispersed Jews to be a reserve resource should Iran nuke Israel.

Sure, Israel can nuke back. But will a hefty kill ratio really be a comfort if Israel as a state is destroyed?

Will the non-nuked remnants of the Israeli state really be able to survive or will Arab states invade to finish off what Iran starts?

And if so, a digital virtual state of Israel might be the only way for Israel to survive. Could Israel survive as a recognized member of the United Nations if it loses its land but retains the organization of a state online with citizens who hold dual citizenship or even just Israeli citizenship (including refugees who flee from a destroyed and conquered Israel) in a virtual state?

Could such a virtual state tax e-citizens and provide services--including defense with agents or even hired military forces from private security companies for some missions--to citizens of a virtual state scattered around the world?

Or even by saving parts of the military in exile hosted by friendly countries just as there were in World War II with Polish and French units fighting on after their home countries were conquered?

I mentioned long ago that in a nuclear age, Israeli settlers should perhaps be more concerned with dispersal rather than buffers:

When their own state seemed the only way to preserve the safety of Jews after the Holocaust, it made sense to have a state that could protect Jews if nobody else would. But when the threat of nuclear weapons held by Islamofascist nutballs looms over Israel, is massing in one small state the safest thing to do? Settlers providing buffer zones against Arab armies makes no sense now. Israel is conventionally superior to any conceivable combination of invaders.

Really, the settlers might want to consider scattering across the globe in communities that can rebuild Israel just in case jihadis get a few nukes into Israel.

A nuclear Iran with ballistic missiles in sufficient quantity to overwhelm Israeli missile defenses is another threat.

Could a parallel virtual state--i-Srael--be part of this worst-case scenario planning?