Saturday, December 20, 2014


Russia has identified the problem preventing peace in Ukraine:

Russia accused the West on Saturday of fuelling unrest in Ukraine by adopting anti-Kremlin sanctions that further erode the prospects of peace talks to end the separatist war.

Not quite. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has fueled unrest and has eroded the prospects of peace talks.

But the Russians really are unclear on who the victim is in all this, as they complain of sanctions on Crimea entities:

"That's why they chose the 'punishment' to be collective," it added. "It is sad that the countries which call themselves democratic resort to such methods in the 21st century."

Wait. What? Russia conquered Crimea and took it from Ukraine? Oh, that ...

What the Russians mean is that Western sanctions (and rapidly declining oil price which Russia assumes is an American plot) erode the prospect of a Russian victory over Ukraine in Putin's 21st century subliminal war of aggression.

This is why Russia can't have nice things.