Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To the Shores of Lake Chad, They Ain't

The Boko Haram jihadi marine corps came up a little short this week.

This is an epic jihadi fail:

Cameroon authorities say at least 600 suspected Boko Haram fighters crossed Lake Chad and simultaneously attacked several villages and towns Friday, leading to the arrests of 25 of the insurgents and the drowning deaths of hundreds of others. ...

[Cameroon's Minister of Communication] Tchiroma said Cameroon's military arrested 25 of the attackers and killed several. Hundreds of others were swallowed by the waters of Lake Chad after their boats capsized or sank when they tried to escape.

Emulating Osama bin Laden, who we dumped at sea, I see.

Apparently, Boko Haram should stick to picking on helpless girls in the halls of Nigerian schools.

This could be a joke. Question: What do you call several hundred dead jihadis at the bottom of Lake Chad? Answer: A good start.

UPDATE: The scummy bastards in Pakistan stuck to easier targets:

At least 132 students and nine staff members were killed on Tuesday when Taliban gunmen broke into a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar and opened fire, witnesses said, in the bloodiest massacre the country has seen for years.

Unable to defeat the Pakistani military that has gone after them lately, the Taliban decided that killing children of military personnel was more in line with their skill set.

I've long said that Pakistan can't make a deal with the Devil by refraining from taking on the jihadi scum and killing them.

UPDATE: And back in Nigeria, having learned a lesson from their Cameroon expedition, Boko Haram takes on easier foes:

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped more than 100 women and children and killed 35 other people on Sunday during a raid on the remote northeast Nigerian village of Gumsuri, a security source and resident said on Thursday.

Jihadis: defeating the Crusaders one dead woman and child at a time. Allah must be so proud.