Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Make-a-Liberal-Wish Foundation

What with illegal immigrant amnesty, a ludicrous carbon deal with China, and Cuba relations via executive decisions, will the last two years of the Obama administration be one long multiple orgasm?

I guess we can look forward to presidential executive orders, memos, and knowing nods for a Keystone XL pipeline refusal, a coal-mining ban, recognition of Palestinian statehood, a faux nuclear deal with Iran, revision of Obamacare into formal nationalized health care, and major non-NATO ally status for Venezuela under the rule of that idiot Maduro.

The Obama administration is just going to be a Make-a-Wish Foundation for our Left.

UPDATE: This attitude (tip to Instapundit) is consistent with this view of "governing:"

He’s gone from thinking of himself as a sitting (lame) duck, they tell me, to a president diving headlong into what amounts to a final campaign – this one to preserve his legacy, add policy points to the scoreboard, and – last but definitely not least – to inflict the same kind of punishment on his newly empowered Republican enemies, who delighted in tormenting him when he was on top.

And if our president believes he is the rearguard of the Left, expect it to be a scorched earth tactic for two years.

Because sometimes you have to destroy the village in order to save it, eh?