Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Buttocks Remain a Mystery

I almost thought Fareed Zakaria had a clue.

Honest to God, I got my hopes up when I read this assessment of the Sony Incident:

One of the nastiest regimes in the world effectively threatened to launch terrorist attacks in the United States if an artistic work was shown publicly. And, stunningly, almost everyone involved has caved.

Wow! He's against backing down! He mentions how threats against Salman Rushdie by the Iranians led to Western resistance to attempts to silence us!

But then I had to go and ruin the ride by reading on:

Why does a terrorist threat from North Korea produce appeasement, whereas threats from Islamic terrorists produce courage, defiance and resilience? I suspect it’s because we are fully aware of the barbarism of jihadi terrorists.

Huh? Did Zakaria miss the past 13 years of self-damning questions of "why do they hate us?"

Is he unaware that we arrested a little-known filmmaker over the Benghazi terrorist attack and even aired apologetic public service announcements in Pakistan saying we are sorry for that movie?

Our military has shown great defiance and resolve by taking the war to our jihadi enemies around the world. But there is a strong strain in this country that would negate the defiance by cancelling the Homeland series and making sure no hint of "Islamophobia" ever aired on American television or movie theaters.

Mind you, I'm grateful that so far the American response to the Sony attack has not included cries of despair about the dread "backlash" against North Koreans living here (if there are any).

But the idea that the response to North Korea could take lessons from our response to jihadi attempts to bring the joys of the caliphate to us, too, is nonsense.

Ah, hope springs eternal. I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football again.

So it remains that Zakaria could not find his own buttocks with both hands and a GPS signal.