Monday, December 29, 2014


Imagine what the world would be like with 100,000 more jihadi nutballs running around inflicting mayhem.

Fortunately, because of America, we don't have to face that problem:

The United States alone has done major damage to Islamic terrorist organizations since 2001. Over a hundred thousand Islamic terrorists have been killed or captured as have over a hundred terrorist leaders. This includes al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. The major affiliates of al Qaeda, in North Africa, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Yemen have suffered major losses in the last decade. The branch in Iraq was but a shadow of its former self before 2011 when the civil war broke out in Syria between Shia and Sunni Moslems.

I had no idea that we'd created that many good jihadis (well, some are just alright since they are captured, I suppose).

I wonder how many more have been added by others fighting them?

As messy as the world is, let's be grateful that there aren't more nutballs out there actively waging jihad against the rest of the world.

Also note the impact on Iraq of our failure to intervene in Syria by supporting non-jihadi rebels fighting Assad.

In their haste to blame Maliki for the Iraq problem we are facing now, people forget that not only did our withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 encourage Maliki to rely on a Shia base of support to stay in power; but inaction in Syria (to avoid "militarizing" the conflict (!), as Hillary Clinton so laughably explained--and where 40,000 more died in 2014: 60% civilian, 20% rebel, and 20% pro-Assad forces) led to the rise of jihadis in Syria who provided a source of support to the Iraqi jihadis so they could regenerate.

So also imagine what we might have in the Levant if we'd just avoided one of those two mistakes, let alone both.