Friday, December 12, 2014

Gruber, Move Over

And you wonder why people with advanced degrees often have a bad reputation among Americans?

The man suffered a minor wrong, and by God he's going to fight the good fight for all of us, he seems to think.

I'm sure his clients for his business consultancy company, where he where he "advises clients like Microsoft, the NFL, the New York Times, and Universal Music," can only hope that the good professor brings that kind of branding excellence to their own products and services.

Which, upon reflection, may explain Windows 8, the name of the Washington, D.C. football team, Tom Friedman, and the popularity of illegal free music downloading.

The good professor at least belatedly realized how deep he'd dug and put his shovel away.

In light of our new immigration debate that our president has imposed on us, I hereby suggest that we adopt legislation to expel idiot American citizens and grant each citizenship slot freed up to a random illegal alien.

I'm thinking the first candidate for that exchange won't be hard to come by.

Well, the first two won't be hard, in any case.

Oh, who am I kidding? Our elite higher education institutes are churning out more candidates for the trade (Dreamers for Nightmares?) every day.

Behold the commitment of the true believers over our modern Left! Where once activists would welcome being arrested for the cause--whatever that might be on that particular day--now they can't even risk the chance of a lower GPA.

Tip to Mad Minerva on the story.

UPDATE: I haven't linked to the original article in a Boston paper because there is doubt about whether the emails reproduced in the article are accurate. But if the man settled the complaint, as the linked article says, there was something to apologize for.

UPDATE: It's hard not to think that the professor's actions to get more than his $4 from the restaurant--justified as a battle for all those overcharged--are little different in spirit than looters who grab what they can in the midst of a "social justice" riot.

UPDATE: Good God, one of our best and brightest has defended the sad attempt to pose as social justice warriors:

Where some commentators see weakness or sensitivity, perhaps they should instead see strength—the strength to know when our cups of endurance have run over and when the time for patience has ended. Perhaps they should instead see courage—the courage to look our peers in the eyes and uncomfortably ask them to bear these burdens of racism and classism that we have together inherited from generations past. We have taken many exams before, but never have we done this. We are scared, but no longer will we be spectators to injustice.

One author's response?

“Cups of endurance?” Good lord. Do they runneth over into your “saucer of fortitude?” Mayhaps a few of those errant droplets are captured by your “doily of grit.”

I laughed so hard at that response that I nearly peed my pants of justice!

Our proto-elites have seen injustice and are retiring to their fainting couches rather than getting on with their exams.

Good grief, you can pretty much imagine them putting on pajamas, sipping hot cocoa, and discussing grand juries.

And again, when once those who fought injustice risked arrest and jail time, these fragile flowers won't risk their GPA to fight this battle--no, they must have their exams postponed.

And when the exams are not postponed, will these courageous lads and lassies look into their peers' eyes and march off to battle racism and classism or will they meekly trot off to the library to study and be a spectator to injustice?

Seriously, anyone who skips their exams should have their place taken by an illegal immigrant who will at least appreciate a chance to work and succeed rather than a chance to beclown themselves.

Lord, they make me sick.

Tip to Instapundit.

UPDATE: One last comment. Really. That man says he represents students whose cups of endurance  have run over and they can't possibly take exams.

You know what the last step that the Army teaches the non-Harvard bound when they are hit by chemical weapons? After protecting themselves, reporting up the chain of command, and decontaminating?

"Continue the mission."

Not whine about how the mission is now too much to even think about considering your unfair burdens.

Continue the mission. That takes courage.

UPDATE: I guess I missed the false charge of a racist email purportedly sent by the professor. While I was unaware of that aspect, to be fair to the professor I thought I'd note the story over how that bit of journalism went online.