Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Christmas Guide to Global Air Space

While Santa can expect a friendly reception in American air space this Christmas as the NORAD Santa operation kicks in on December 24th, Santa needs to worry about other countries' efforts. is the best-case situation for Santa.

ADIZsanta, run out of China, claims the North Pole (within their 9-Dashered line) as a core Chinese interest that has historically always belonged to Peking, and which has been renamed the city of Santasha.

And Littlegreenmensanta, run out of Russia, has shipped anti-aircraft missiles to ethnic Russian Elves who wish to secede from Santa and have Russia annex them and establish a military base there.

I'm thinking Santa needs to reduce his gift payload in favor of some chaff and flare dispensers, just in case. IFF is tricky stuff.

And for God's sake, snuff out that red nose that Rudolph sports (that's Buk bait, people) and barrel that sleigh in so low!

So Hell yes, Santa has a chance!