Monday, November 17, 2014

Well That's Disturbing

After the recent attempt to seize a Pakistani frigate, is attacking navy ship now the latest jihadi fad?

This is disturbing:

Brig. Gen. Mohammed Samir said on his official Facebook page that an Egyptian naval vessel was attacked Wednesday and set ablaze by “terrorist elements” about 40 miles off the port of Damietta.

All four boats used by the assailants were destroyed after air and naval reinforcements were called in, Samir said, and 32 attackers were arrested.

The Egyptians have 8 sailors missing (being missing at sea is really bad, as you might imagine) and 5 injured.

Jihadis loaded up four boats with boarders and attacked an Egyptian vessel at sea? Why? Was it just for the killing or was it to capture the vessel and use it to ram a bigger ship? Or to sail into port and wreak havoc at the dock with all those terrorists?

Our Cole experience taught us that we need to be on guard in port. I hope we don't assume we are safe while underway.