Saturday, November 29, 2014

Too Complicated to Judge?

Crimea is "complicated," says the Washington Post.

Don't you think that there is any simple thing like Russia violating international law and agreements with Ukraine and the West to conquer a province of Ukraine and annex it to Russia, starting to cleanse the memories of Ukraine's presence there in culture and language!

Oh, no! It's "complicated:"

Eight months after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, a complicated transition

Indeed, it is so complicated that the status of Crimea isn't that it has been conquered by Russia.

No, the territory is "disputed" according to the map with the article (sorry, Blogger doesn't seem to recognize the image for upload for some reason).

Yes, the issue is so complicated that who is to say who really owns this land? International law and agreements signed by Russia say Ukraine does. But Putin says Russia owns it. So who really knows?

Of course, you would never see a map of the West Bank without seeing it labeled "Israeli Occupied" or perhaps just "Occupied," now would you? Now that's a simple conflict to sort out at an editorial desk.

Oh well. When that Crimea transition is completed, it will be simple, eh?