Friday, November 14, 2014

Belarus Experiences the Clue Bat

Belarus is apparently worried that Putin is ruining their economic opportunities

Do tell, genius:

Belarus wants to strengthen its economic ties to the West and could even help it bypass Russia's ban on some Western foods by reprocessing EU products.

Belarus' Economy Minister Nikolai Snopkov made the statement in an interview with The Associated Press ahead of a Friday investment conference in London, saying that if the Ukrainian crisis continues, "it will drag Belarus to cooperate more with the Western countries."

Belarus has more to worry about that losing economic opportunities. Belarus is actually named like it is a part of Russia (White Russia).

Belarus is the target of the ultimate subliminal war what with integrating Belarus' military and economy with Russia's.

Up until now, Belarus has cooperated. Will Russia's open aggression getting closer to Minsk lead the Belarussians to really change course?

Will Putin let them?

Belarus better act before Putin finishes and consolidates his current conquests.