Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Postulates, Assumptions, and Models are Settled

But not the science. Do read it.

I have no doubt that mankind is putting CO2 into the atmosphere. But it is a small fraction.

And I have no doubt that at some level the greenhouse gas effect is real--with all due allowance for the fact that the Earth is far larger and complex than a greenhouse.

And I still want to know why, if our contribution is the main driver, global temperatures have been stable the last 15 years or so. That increased 95%+ IPCC confidence level that we are causing global warming is a measure of select global warming scientists--a skewed poll--rather than a more rigorous measure, now isn't it?

And one amusing way to look at it is that the IPCC is more confident that mankind is responsible for the lack of warming. Although as I understand it, the IPCC changed the definitions (longer time frame and more human inputs rather than just CO2) from their prior report making a direct comparison of this poll number inappropriate.

I also have no doubt that wrecking our economy to reduce our tiny fraction of CO2 emissions is the wrong response to whatever we face.

Heck, I'm even open to the possibility that human inputs that block sunlight mask our role in increasing temperatures.

If true, however, doesn't that suggest that global warming is an engineering problem rather than a moral--indeed pseudo-religious--crusade to reduce your personal carbon footprint?

But I'm a science denier. Whatever. Have fun sorting your garbage. You're obviously a better person than I am.