Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take a Breath, People

I honestly can't get worked up over the leak that we tried to rescue Foley and others held hostage by ISIS in Syria this last July. One of our guys was apparently wounded, so the enemy already knew about the raid. If they can't figure out what we were up to, they really are the JV squad.

I take exception to plenty that the president does. Most, I dare say.

But let's not descend into Bush Derangement Syndrome with an Obama Derangement Syndrome territory to match the Left's reflexive anger at anything Bush did or said (or even his accent or way he dressed).

Let's instead celebrate that President Obama tried to rescue those guys. These are difficult ops and the chances of success are low, really. Only because our special ops guys are so good do we have any chance at all.

We go to war with the president we have and not the president we wish we had. Let's be happy the man tried and not punish him for a failure (and at least a non-spectacular failure, eh?) lest he decide not to risk any action for the rest of his term of office.