Monday, August 11, 2014

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself?

Russia, well-known for their humanitarian impulses, are concerned that over a thousand have died in eastern Ukraine over the last several months of conflict.

Uh oh:

A senior United Nations official told the Security Council Tuesday night that “immediate action” was required to find a political situation to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The emergency meeting was held at the request of Russia, which says eastern Ukraine faces a “humanitarian catastrophe” and proposed a humanitarian mission to help displaced civilians, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Critics accuse Russia of using civilian suffering as a pretext to intervene directly in a region where pro-Russian separatists are battling Ukrainian forces.

Russia blocks efforts to address the conflict in Syria where over 170,000 have died over the last several years, but who am I to use that to question Russian motives?

A world still shaky in an uncertain recovery from the Great Depression Recession. A Germany Russia convinced it was stabbed in the back by the Treaty of Versaille NATO alliance. German Russian Anschluss with annexation of Austria Crimea, concerns for ethnic brothers abroad in the Sudentenland eastern and southern Ukraine. Secretly sponsoring a civil war in Spain the Donbass region. And talk of needing a Danzig New Russia corridor to connect territory in Crimea with Russia proper.

Is it any wonder I've felt we live in an era with a weird inter-war vibe?

But somehow, I'm sure it is America's fault. I'm sure we have nothing to fear but Putin himself fear itself.