Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lavrov's Bread Baskets

The Russians use their close military presence near Ukraine to ship in weapons and personnel:

On Russia's border with Ukraine, some 170 kilometers north of Rostov, there is further evidence pointing to Russia's role in the insurrection.

A gap a few meters wide has been cut in the razor-wire fence opening a route for vehicles and pedestrians to the rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine.

On the Russian side of the divide, a track leads towards the Russian town of Donetsk, 1 km away and bearing the same name as the rebel stronghold in Ukraine. The soil has the imprints of caterpillar treads, the kind used on tanks or some types of armored personnel carriers.

I do believe I mentioned that the purpose of Russian units hugging the border was to do exactly that:

Putin can claim it is to stop illegal crossings and cope with refugees fleeing "fascists", but the real reason is surely to enable Russian men and supplies to enter Ukraine to participate in the fight.

And if Russia wants to invade, sending in supplies ahead of the invasion force would be a pretty smart move:

Ukraine described Russia's dispatch of an aid convoy advancing now towards its border as a cynical act designed to fan a pro-Russian rebellion the UN said on Wednesday had claimed nearly 1,000 lives, fighters and civilians, in two weeks.

Even if all the supplies go to civilians, that lessens the post-invasion logistics burden on the Russians to provide for the civilians they would become responsible for.

I never forget that while Russians bombed Finns, the Russians claimed they were just dropping bread to the starving Finnish people.

Don't trust the Russians more than you can verify with your own eyes.