Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Devil They Know

Perhaps with a wary eye on Syria for what happens when a Devil you know is seriously threatened, Israel is apparently relieves that General Sisi won Egypt's presidential election.

I noted that Sisi's win means the revolution is finally complete, having come back to the starting point.

Strategypage provides the details of the journey:

Egypt is again ruled by a military man (Abdel Fattah al Sisi), much to the relief of Israel. Many Egyptians (especially Moslem Brotherhood fans) boycotted the recent voting. Thus only 47 percent of registered voters turned up and 97 voted for the former general. In 2012 deposed (a year ago) presided Morsi won with 51.2 percent of the vote (by 52 percent of registered voters). ...

Sisi becoming president brings the revolution full circle as the long-time dictator Mubarak, ousted in 2011, came out of the army, as have so many other corrupt and long-serving Egyptian rulers. The army has recovered nicely since the 2011 unrest and is now grabbing control of even more of the economy.

Israel can be excused for being relieved that one front is quiet.

But the problems that led to both Islamist revolt (and Mursi's electoral victory) and the Arab Spring pro-democracy revolt that brought down Mubarak have been made worse, if anything.

I had hoped that we could ease Egypt into rule of law, exploiting the Arab Spring hopes of overturning autocracy without turning to Islamists.

Maybe the next Arab Spring.