Thursday, June 19, 2014

Putting the "Control" in Line of Actual Control

India will strengthen their line of outposts with China (tip to Legal Insurrection):

The Home Ministry has approved the construction of 54 new border outposts along the disputed frontier with China. A proposal in this regard was made by the ITBP before the polls but the previous government did not go ahead on it.

With the new outposts, the number of troops on the ground too will increase. Currently, there are close to 40 outposts and nearly 15,000 troops guard the sensitive zones. Sources said the number could now go up to 30,000. "There were critical gaps regarding security on the China border that need to be filled up," said a senior Home Ministry official.

Remember, there is a lot of disputed territory there. The border is the "line of actual control," so actually controlling the line is important to keep the other side from walking in, setting up camp, and actually controlling their version of the line.

China will cross the border and set up camp.

And sometimes it takes a while for India to mention it.

So actually controlling the line of actual control is a good thing for India if they don't want to be slowly pushed south.