Thursday, June 05, 2014

NYETFLIX: Day ... Whatever

NETFLIX continues to find new ways to be unavailable.

Just when I'd come to terms with needing to turn off my wifi every friggin' time I want to watch NETFLIX on my TV, I get a new problem.

Once in NETFLIX, where I can click on a show to watch, the system just sits there and tells me that it is unable to connect to Netflix.

Oh, the little boxes continue to flicker left to right as if it is working on the connection even as I sit and fume.

But, no. There is no streaming happening.

And this after confirming the connection when it initially denied access.

This is awesome. Really, guys. Super. Way to make me want to continue using this service.

UPDATE: Wonderful. I give in and accept I must use my computer, and their website says they are experiencing difficulties streaming on all devices.

That's nice.

UPDATE: Okay, Wii just doesn't seem to work. But now the XBox360 is up and running (since Mister has an account, I didn't have to go through the annoyance of setting up a Microsoft account--although I might have one--and then setting up an XBox Live account just to download the app) and seems to work for my TV.

I love NETFLIX. I really do. If I can just get into it without raising my blood pressure every time I try to use it, I'll be much calmer about the whole thing.