Sunday, June 08, 2014

Make the PLAN Run a Gauntlet

India is reaching out to Taiwan on defense matters. This makes sense in so many ways.

This is good (tip to Mad Minerva):

With Modi at the helm, India looks to be setting sail directly into the stormy seas of East Asian geopolitics. Not content with poking China in the eye by increasing military and political ties to Japan, Vietnam, and other China rivals, Delhi appears to be reaching out to Beijing’s single greatest adversary—Taiwan.

It's about time.

If India is worried about China projecting naval power into the Indian Ocean, it makes sense to cultivate allies in Southeast Asia and in Taiwan in order to force the PLAN to run a gauntlet of observation and potential attack as they head toward India.

A stronger Taiwan keeps the Chinese looking in their own backyard even as they project power.

Indeed, why India doesn't work to sell submarines to Taiwan is beyond me. Perhaps the Indian government could use its buying power to persuade Russia to be of some use and sell subs to Taiwan.