Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Home Stretch

We're in the home stretch for the school year. Yesterday Lamb had a field trip to Zap Zone for pizza and laser tag. Today was a movie and then back to school--this was Plan B for the water park trip planned but cancelled because of threatening weather. Good call, I think, despite lack of thunder so far today.

I even offered to sit away from her and her friends (to avoid "cramping her style"). But she is still willing to give me a hug in public. :-) So I sat with her until another friend showed up--and then moved to the row behind.

It is good to have the opportunity to go on her field trips!

Hey, I actually performed a function when--while I was waiting to get Lamb's popcorn while she went to save seats--the young man at the counter at the line I was in mumbled apologies that this "wasn't his station" and left.

After about a minute, we started to realize that nobody was going to handle an entire line of middle school students, a parent, and a teacher.

So I told the teacher I'd get someone. I did and soon the line was moving. I thanked the young lady who had quickly opened up the line again after I explained what happened.

Mister is wrapping up finals. Last week he finished up volunteer hours for the BS college insistence that students who wish to attend their hallowed halls demonstrate more than just academic skills to excel. What a joke. It's like it's a freaking honor to be chosen when all they really care about is pulling in the tuition money regardless of how much you have to borrow. Well-rounded applicants, indeed.

But I digress (as I can!).

I am lucky to have such good kids.