Saturday, June 07, 2014


This is pretty funny, actually.

I've been writing about my problems with getting to Netflix via my Wii console. Lately, it just doesn't work.

To my relief, I now have access via the Xbox 360 here. Yesterday, just to test it, I even made it into the system. Success!

Or so I thought.

Today I tried to use Neftlix with the Xbox 360 and it tells me it can't connect to Netflix! What a hoot!

So as God as my witness, if this doesn't work by the time my next payment comes due at the end of the month, I'm abandoning Netflix for Amazon TV. Screw them. I've had enough aggravation.

I like Netflix. I really do. But going backwards to my computer or--God forbid--my tiny phone screen is unacceptable.

What is wrong with these people, anyway?