Thursday, June 05, 2014

Eating Grass Not Optimal

Iranians increasingly think that if the choice is nuclear weapons or economic growth, they'd actually prefer economic growth.

The Dickens, you say!

After years of tough sanctions over Iran's nuclear program, many in the country now say they want the government to make compromises that could satisfy world powers and allow a semblance of prosperity to return.

Although many Iranians still fervently believe in their country's right to all aspects of a civilian nuclear program, including those regarded with suspicion in the West, they are increasingly tired of the high economic price.

I noted this a couple weeks ago.

And I've been saying for a long time that despite the popularity of getting nukes, that Iranians could well decide they have higher priorities if they didn't have to defer to the mullahs who think the people should sacrifice in order to go nuclear:

Iran under non-nutballs might actually decide that the cost of the nuclear program is too high given Iran's other problems and limited money to address them. Pride is one thing. Providing for your family might be preferable to eating grass and having nuclear weapons. Iranians might want to ask Pakistanis how that bargain is working out for them.

It's the regime, stupid. Deals with the mullahs, who are dangerous with or without nukes, count for little.