Sunday, June 08, 2014

But the UCMJ Would Help

I did not feel like running today. But I did.

Today was supposed to be a longer but slower run day. It's rainy and I just didn't feel like running.

It's frankly a miracle that I've been consistently running for the last 3 years. Indeed, I'm on a year+ straight (well, we won't speak of March when the winter that would not end finally got to me) of running without taking time off for the winter.

Man, spring hurt.

The last time I ran consistently and well was when the Army made me run. I liked to joke that it took the Uniform Code of Military Justice to get me to run. Without being chased, of course.

So running is a big deal for me, really. I hate running. But I like how I feel because I do run. Having the latter without the former just isn't possible.

But the Army did teach me that I can run even when I don't feel like it. I once set a new record on the 2-mile run when really hung over. I felt like emptying my stomach every step but feared that failing to make the run under those conditions would be really, really bad--UCMJ-wise.

So I ran today. I did not feel like it. I was ready to stop after less than half a mile. But I kept going. My goal was 3 miles on these "long" days. I kept going to 3.5 miles.

But I'll admit the UCMJ would have helped.

And when I run faster but shorter (2-mile) runs, it is easier after doing one long run per week.

Anyway. I was feeling bloggy after slogging through the latest Department of Defense report on China.