Sunday, August 27, 2006

War With Iran

The "military option" against Iran must be approached as a war with the final objective of overthrowing the mullah regime.

The military option against Iran to halt or delay their nuclear progress will undoubtedly prompt an Iranian military response.

So when we speak of how we could attack Iran's nuclear infrastructure, we have to remember that we would have to hit a very broad target set for an extended period of time. It would look an awful lot like war. Because it will be a war. Don't be confused that we can strike briefly from the air, tell the mullahs tough luck but no hard feelings, and go on our merry way thinking the whole ugly episode is behind us.

Indeed, even with an extended and thorough campaign, we would only buy time in the hope that the mullahs would be overthrown before they rebuild and seek revenge.

While better than nothing, we've surely had the time to prepare something better than kicking the problem down the road to the next administration. So ultimately, regime change is our only real option for lasting results.

I assume we are preparing to hit Iran. Even if we aren't and are hoping for the best with no real plan to initiate a solution to this grave problem, we should at least be prepared to pounce on any Iranian miscalculation that gives us the excuse to hammer them.

I still can't believe we'd let Iran under the mullahs get nukes.

War is the only way to stop these nuts. Change the regime. No lesser results can preserve our safety.