Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Start the War Now

Why don’t we just start the war now? Let’s use the inspections to aid us and not just let them aid the Iraqis. Let the inspectors shield us instead. While Blix is blixing around, and nobody at the UN seems to think there is any problem with the Iraqis shooting at us, let’s ramp up the air strikes. After all, the UN hasn’t repudiated our no fly zones and air strikes despite the lack of UN approval. They can’t very well repudiate us now.

Rumsfeld said we aren’t just going to take it so let’s start seriously taking out their air defenses and command and control facilities. Don’t wait for the Iraqis to fire to retaliate, just start taking their stuff out. Broaden the attacks to the loyal units that may fight for Saddam.

What will the Iraqis do? Kick out the inspectors? Refuse to cooperate? Strike us in some other way? As long as they think Blix will provide them cover to escape war, I bet they’ll just take it.

For a while anyway. And then they’ll do something stupid.