Thursday, November 21, 2002

Peaceful, Peaceful, Peaceful

Rioting over the Miss World pageant in Nigeria. Yet another of our Western crimes for which we must atone and be punished. Mercifully, the Victoria’s Secret pageant wasn’t held there. (And here I must express confusion over PETA’s protest—and this is said having not seen the pageant—just how much fur could they have been wearing? And I thought celery and Tic Tacs were the extent of their diets. Do they really eat steak?)

Truly, we must fight the Islamists who have taken over the public face of Islam. Saying that the vast majority of Moslems is peaceful does not relieve us of the duty to fight against those who see us as the enemy and who will do their best to harm and kill us. It is mind boggling that dire consequences are predicted when Ashcroft is accused of covering up a statue for a press conference; but when something like the Nigeria riots occurs, it’s all just the wonders of a diverse world culture.

You know, when one of the contestants says her most fervent wish is for world peace, this time I’ll believer her.