Saturday, November 23, 2002

Fairly Odd Parents

Who says TV us bad for kids? On Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy wished for a "redo" button to allow him to undo mistakes. When he was trying to hit some bullies with a water balloon, he missed—repeatedly. He kept hitting the wrong target. Once, as the targets he hit starting getting more outlandish, one of his water balloons struck a Frenchman in the back of his head while he and a Frenchwoman were sipping wine at an outside table in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Both immediately looked alarmed, threw up their hands, and yelled, "We surrender!"

Nice to see our children our getting taught good values.

And I say this knowing that there are significant numbers of Europeans generally, and French in particular, who are not Euro-weenies. For the most part, however, the leaders, journalists, churches, and public voices generally are just anti-American zealots who will rouse themselves to action only to resist a new McDonalds. Any real threat that arises causes them to close their eyes tightly and deny anything is wrong. And then denounce America for prying their eyes open and disturbing their slumber.