Wednesday, February 05, 2003


I thought I heard the French envoy at the UN say something really stupid, but I thought I must have heard him wrong. I didn't want to write it earlier since it was so ridiculous. But later I read he really did assert that the Iraqis should pass a law banning the development of weapons of mass destruction.

I have to wonder, are the French really that idiotic and fixated on their legal fetishism? Or are they so hateful that they would look us in the eye and suggest we should protect our people by trusting a scrap of paper from a rubber stamp parliament?

Or maybe they are just hopped up on cheap table wine and truffles.

Whatever. Today really was France's last chance to act like an ally. They've passed secrets to the Serbs and now they are a human shield for the Iraqis. At best they are a competitor right now, and we'd better start acting accordingly.