Sunday, August 14, 2016

Nice Try

Behold the evil Israeli blockade of Gaza in action!

In the last week Israeli intelligence presented compelling evidence of corruption in the management of UN and Western aid efforts in Gaza. Western aid organization were already under growing pressure to do something about increasingly blatant corruption surrounding aid provided to Palestinians. This has become more urgent in Gaza because of the flood of aid (several billion dollars’ worth) to Gaza in the wake of the 50 Day War in Mid-2014. This aid was for repairing the war damage but that never seemed to happen and the usual “Israel is not allowing needed materials in” excuse was denounced by many Gazans as a lie. The aid never did what it was meant for because of corruption. It was so bad that many donors (Western and Arab) withheld promised reconstruction aid until the “diversion” problem could be solved. This time the Israelis provided lots of details which cannot be easily brushed aside.

Even if you ignore the Egyptian border with Gaza, it is pure blind hatred to blame Israel for Gazan problems when aid has actually flowed in from the outside.

But the Hamas and other corrupt henchmen in Gaza have blockaded the people there to take the aid for their own personal gain and to rebuild infrastructure to fight Israel.

So nice try, Israel, for trying to fight the flood of bias. Too many here will still believe that Israel is starving Gaza no matter what you do.

Even when Assad demonstrates what actual blockades are, in horrible contrast to Gaza.

But for your backers, this is useful nonetheless.