Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Uh Oh, Our President is Asking for Trouble!

Well, our president did it:

While the bald eagle may be the national bird of the U.S., President Obama today officially made the bison the official mammal of the United States by signing the National Bison Legacy Act into law.

An animal important to Native Americans is now a symbol of the nation that took their land?

Uh oh. I think our president really stepped in the hoya this time.

So what part of "cultural appropriation" is unclear to the president?

Isn't this designation as bad as wearing a Mexican hat and drinking tequila on Cinco de Mayo even if you aren't Mexican?

Sure, it isn't as bad as wearing green and drinking beer on St. Patrick's Day when you aren't Irish; but still, isn't this the latest sort of thing that joyless Leftists have informed us is just plain wrong?

Well, I guess I'll go have my favorite meal of a tuna fish salad sandwich with mayo on white bread, a couple Twinkies, and a Tab to wash it down.