Saturday, December 05, 2015

Cause and Effect?

So Iran stopped working on nuclear warheads in 2009? Even as they continue to work on missiles that they say aren't limited by the pretend nuclear deal we sort of signed--or something--with them? Why yes, a fellow charter member of the Axis of Evil is working openly on nuclear warheads, now that you mention it!

Does this assessment reassure you?

“The [International Atomic Energy] Agency has no credible indications of activities in Iran relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device after 2009.”

Just so we're clear, Iran did not demonstrate the peaceful nature of their programs. The IAEA just couldn't find solid evidence of such a post-2009 warhead program.

Heck, I'm so old, I remember when Iran was deemed to have halted their nuclear weapons work after 2003! And now we figure they had such programs up to 2009. Fancy that. I wonder what the year 2023 will bring us--end of Iran's nuclear program-wise.

And how hard did--or could--the IAEA look?

The failure of the IAEA to find such a program might mean there wasn't one--despite the continuing Iranian investment in missiles (and shelters for launch vehicles) that make long-range ballistic missiles a tiny bang for a big buck without nuclear warheads.

Or it might mean that Iran is just really good at hiding the programs.

Or it might mean that partner-in-evil North Korea is working on the warhead side of the ICBM issue for Iran:

Satellite photographs from October and early November indicate North Korea is digging a new tunnel for nuclear testing, but there are no signs that a such a test is imminent, a U.S. research institute said on Wednesday.

If North Korea plans to sell Iran the nuclear warhead design (and maybe actual warheads), that would provide a logical reason for Iran's so-called halt to nuclear warhead work, now wouldn't it?

And what else might be outsourced by Iran to North Korea, anyway?