Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Looking East

So nobody is paying attention to India's new Look East policy?

Narendra Modi is looking eastward, and it’s a big and important story that most newspapers outside of India are missing.

This week Modi kicked off a three-day trip to India’s northeastern region, where he announced a host of development programs to boost the local economy. ...

As part of his “Look East” program, Modi has also made a point of reaching out to Burma.

It isn't new. Over the years, I've noted it, advocated something like it, and forgot I'd noted it.

"Look East" has been an Indian policy since the 1990s.

It surely doesn't get much attention in the West although it makes perfect sense for India to slow down China by looking east.

And India needs to get some more success out of this policy given that when they look east, they see Chinese subs--lots of them:

India is speeding up a navy modernization program and leaning on its neighbors to curb Chinese submarine activity in the Indian Ocean, as nations in the region become increasingly jittery over Beijing's growing undersea prowess.

So look down, too.