Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mission Accomplished

I lost the article (and don't feel like finding it or recreating the post before my Internet blinked out), but Green opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline from western Canada to our Gulf coast refineries will just make things worse for the environment and our economy.

That article explained that some oil tars are coming to America anyway via trains--more dangerous.

The Canadian alternative is a longer pipeline to the Atlantic--more dangerous than a shorter pipeline and Canadian workers get the project money.

The oil tars will then be shipped via tanker to our Gulf coast refineries--more dangerous than a pipeline.

And since the oil tars will go by sea from Canada's Atlantic port, the oil can go overseas where customers are eager to have this resource, too--which not only puts more oil on tankers on even longer voyages but means we will have to pay world market prices for the oil tars (Canada currently has to offer discounts to us since they have no one else to sell to).

So congratulations, Greens! That's quite the victory you and President Obama are engineering.

Now go and emit no more.