Wednesday, October 08, 2014

And Russia Wants a Re-Reset?

The Russians lost a facility in Syria.

Interesting--if verified:

Syrian rebels have overtaken a joint Russian-Syrian secret facility that they claim was a covert intelligence collection base. Opposition fighters say the post was used to snoop in on the communications of opposition groups -- and perhaps even the nearby Israelis.

Free Syrian Army officials, U.S. officials, and independent experts told The Daily Beast that the evidence of Russian involvement in the facility, just a few miles from Syria’s border with Israel, if verified, would show a level of Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war that was not previously known.

It's good to knock out that facility--if verified.

Remember that the Russians helped our enemies in Iraq.

Which is why during the Ukraine crisis I have not been hesitant to say that to stop Russia we need to help Ukraine kill Russian soldiers.

We owe the Russians as long as Putin and his paranoid nutballs run the place, so Ukraine is business and pleasure.

UPDATE: Let me link directly to the 2006 ABC article that was the source of that post and which still exists and is an interesting walk down memory lane in other respects.