Thursday, September 25, 2014

When People's March

Is anyone really surprised that communists were in the vanguard of the People's Climate stink-fest?

They were big in the Occupy Wall Street movement, as I noted.

And they were big in the anti-Iraq War protest movement, as I also noted.

But the media almost completely ignores the communist efforts to leverage whatever popular outrage is in vogue on the left to get the same old policies implemented.

Funny, isn't it, that actual hard-core communists see the global warming movement's objectives as compatible with their goals?

Don't expect too much press attention to this Watermelon Movement.

UPDATE: Related:

This is what a political movement looks like when it cannot recognize reality: it descends into ever more radical fantasies and rage, and gives its voice over to its most extreme elements. Like anti-nuclear activism 30 years ago, climate change activism has decayed into irresponsible advocacy, and deserves the increasing scorn of the public. And like the nuclear freeze movement of 30 years ago, if catastrophic climate change is a real prospect decades from now, these are the last people who should be put in charge of developing responses.

Read it all, as the saying goes. Those loons are the last people we should let run with scissors let alone "save" the planet.