Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Revolutionary Impact of America

Strategypage writes--as they have many times--that American Moslems are generally not a security problem. America's influence on them has had a positive impact.

What is most interesting in their post is the example of Representative Ellison:

After he won he announced that he would take his oath of office in 2007 using Thomas Jefferson’s own copy of the Koran. While widely viewed as a way to diffuse criticism from arch-conservative Christians, the move also sent a subtle message to Islamic extremists as well. The Jefferson Koran is in English. Old school Moslems consider translating the Koran from the original Arabic blasphemous. ...

Black American Moslems differ from their immigrant co-religionists in that they are much more committed to securing a niche in mainstream society. They are also much more socially liberal; the most socially conservative Republicans seem like revolutionaries compared with most orthodox Moslems.

Ellison may be annoying in the context of American politics. But in the context of Islamic politics, he's a revolutionary force that undermines the Islamists.

Remember that the immigration of lots of Catholics aroused suspicions here--expressed openly before John F. Kennedy won the presidency in 1960--that Catholics--in theory part of a very centralized religion with a table of organization from the local parish all the way to the Vatican, were perhaps more loyal to the Vatican in Rome than we are to America.

Now the American branch of the Catholic Church is viewed as very different and certainly not amenable to simply accepting directives without question.

Indeed, the American Jewish community has a similar status. If you ask them, I bet the religious authorities in Israel don't think the vast majority of America's Jews are actually Jewish as those authorities define Judaism.

So we have that effect on people.

For all those who say American can't change ancient habits, a long-term American--dare I say "exceptional"--influence can very clearly change societies away from the old ways. If we pulled out of the entire world and returned to our shores, radical Islam would view us as a threat for this reason alone and "justify" their efforts to kill us.