Saturday, September 27, 2014

Speaking of Idiocy

Will people stop claiming that by re-intervening in Iraq and intervening in Syria that it looks to Moslems like we are starting a new "Crusade" in the Middle East?

Please remember that the Crusade was actually a Christian counter-attack to liberate Christian territory conquered by Moslem invaders. That's the history and not the fantasy.

One, we aren't trying to reconquer the Middle East for Christianity. Much of the West is at best culturally Christian. And we just want them to stop beheading our people and otherwise trying to kill us in our homelands while fly, ride trains, or use subways. Honestly, if they just killed their own kind in their own countries, even R2P wouldn't gain traction in the West.

And two, just because Moslems don't want to admit that actual history is no reason for us to go along with their fantasy of oppression.

Dennis Kucinich (D-Bizarro World) prompted this post. Which explains the label.