Monday, September 01, 2014

Keeping His Head in the Sand Trap

I know it's a Labor Day speech, but when the world is in free fall--even if Twitter makes us more aware of normal world "messiness" more than it makes us aware of naked celebrity photographs and YouTube kitten videos--couldn't a--oh, I don't know--Secretary of Labor--get the duty to make the case for a higher federal minimum wage?

Putin is issuing nuclear threats over Ukraine, China is pushing its neighbors around, Iran is going nuclear, Syria is slaughtering itself, Libya is in chaos, and Iraq is under siege by ISIL--formerly known as al Qaeda in Iraq--where our planes are in action again after several years.

But rather than take the time at the start of National Preparedness Month to at least discuss terror threats, President Obama is focused on the minimum wage:

President Obama on Monday will tout the progress made since the economic collapse during Labor Day remarks in Milwaukee.

A White House official said Obama will also honor working Americans and will reaffirm his commitment to ensure more Americans can realize their dreams.

During remarks at Milwaukee’s Laborfest celebration, Obama will again call on Congress to raise the minimum wage, the official said.

In the spirit of recent tradition of stage prop management, President Obama will have those working Americans on stage with him--both of them.

You have to admit, we knew this was coming. In the 2008 presidential campaign, even the financial collapse couldn't sway candidate Obama from his campaign schedule.

Whether or not you think McCain's suspension of campaigning to address the issue was right or wrong, McCain was at least willing to react to events as they broke.

President Obama won't interrupt a speech, fundraising event, or golf game in order to address a foreign crisis. No drama Obama? More like he just doesn't recognize drama when it hits us.

Senator Clinton asked in the 2008 primary who could be trusted to answer the 3:00 a.m. phone call. Now we know it goes automatically to voice mail. Press 2 to continue in French.

And someone will get back to you. After 18 holes.