Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's All So Oddly Familiar

Bush went to war in Afghanistan and then Iraq, and our European allies mostly bailed on us in Iraq, judging only Afghanistan the good war. Now it is completely different.

Now Obama goes to war in Iraq and then Syria, and our European allies mostly have bailed on us in Syria, judging only Iraq the good war:

As the US expanded its fight against the so-called Islamic State into Syria alongside five Arab countries this week, the absence of European forces is noticeable.

This is so confusing. I thought Bush 43 alienated our European allies.

I thought President Obama, our first European-American president at heart, would repair the breach of trust and get them to follow us again.

That's what we were told. So where are the Europeans? Don't they trust President Obama's claim of an imminent-ish threat to America or Europe, justifying air assaults inside Syria?

A less self-absorbed man might find it oddly familiar, anyway.