Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Won't Speak About You, But I Did Assume

On occasion, I've lamented that the Navy didn't make the mission modules for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) fit into standard shipping containers. Erm ...

I've long discussed the concept of Modularized Auxiliary Cruisers using standard shipping containers to house the components in order to convert container ships into warships.

I've also occasionally wished that the LCS used such modules in order to allow the Navy to reduce the cost of the modules by producing many more beyond what the LCS needs in order to arm Modularized Auxiliary Cruisers. Win-win, I thought.

Not once in all the articles I've read about the LCS did I see any mention of the dimensions. I assumed that given standard military procurement practices that the Navy would have specified dimensions without regard to the existence of shipping containers already out there.

In recent months, I realized I didn't know that. I kept meaning to look it up. This morning I did.

Apparently, the LCS mission modules are at least the same size as those standard shipping containers if not actual shipping containers:

In addition to cargo or container-sized mission modules, the bay can carry four lanes of multiple Strykers, armored Humvees, and their associated troops. An elevator allows air transport of packages the size of a 20-foot-long (6.1 m) shipping container that can be moved into the mission bay while at sea.

Odd that this never came up before. But I am embarrassed that I assumed I knew the answer. My bad.

UPDATE: Hey! Some belated vindication. I did know that the modules are in containers. I just forgot.

That's a separate issue, I guess.