Sunday, September 14, 2014

Come See the Violence Inherent in the System

Well that's a bloody giveaway:

Just days before China was set to deliver its edict on electoral reform in Hong Kong, Beijing’s most senior official in the city held a rare meeting with several local lawmakers whose determined push for full democracy had incensed Beijing's Communist leaders. ...

Zhang, 51, dressed in a black suit and a navy blue striped tie, delivered a blunt response. “The fact that you are allowed to stay alive, already shows the country's inclusiveness," he answered, according to two people in the room who declined to be named. Zhang's office did not respond to several faxed requests for comment. [emphasis added]

The Chinese Communist Party prefers to select rulers by having a moistened bint lob scimitars rather than honest elections and voting. And you'll darned well be grateful for that.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pseudo-Polymath for the link.