Monday, July 28, 2014

Never Die and Never Learn

Is it just me? Or do you wonder why vampires don't wear body armor?

Given that death from the slightest penetration of their chest to touch their heart seems to kill them, you'd think that somewhere along the line, vampires would have started wearing chain mail. Or just reinforced leather or perhaps nice plate armor on their chests.

It should go without saying that modern Kevlar would be a Satan-send for them.

And maybe armored collars to protect against beheading would be a good idea.

And what about covering their skin against the burning of Holy Water?

Would SPF 500 sun screen offer any protection against sunlight?

I'm not sure what to do about the repellent nature of crosses and garlic.

But if any of the above defenses work against the lethal threats, mere repulsion seems like a small thing to put up with.

The body armor thing just bothers me at some level. They live forever but learn nothing from experience.